In Loving Memory…

Nicole J. Olesen, -Author, passed away peacefully in her sleep while on vacation with her family in Picenza, Italy. She is survived by her husband and best friend, Christian L. Olesen, beloved daughter Michaela J. Main, and dearest son Nicolas P. Main along with several grandchildren, step daughters -Erin J. Olesen , & Margaret Olesen and feline  Zues & canine Athena. Nicole happily joins her father Patrick (Pericle) Cordani & Godfather, Anthony Cordani, along with  all the Cordani’s that have passed before her- in the after world- in addition to other friends, family, encounters, chance meetings, etc.. A firm believer in karma, Nicole believed that she met most of her karmic debt while in this life. Nicole was a curious, outgoing, loving individual that was extremely loyal and kind. She was educated in Art & Education, worked in Television, Education, and Psychology and loved to travel. An observer and photographer, she always was looking for a new way to see things. Nicole volunteered for numerous agencies and clubs including the Susan B. Anthony Project, the Red Cross and Alcoholics Anonymous.

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