Blogging for Inspiration…

As I try to get back into the world of “employment”… I assigned myself Blogging 101 & Photography 101. Having taught students how to critique and appreciate design for over 15 years, I wonder if I could create what I have taught. It’s not been easy…the snow and the dank days loom before me and the redundancy of checking out “job hub” and “” have become so rote. My usual spark for life and tenacity seems to have been buried underneath the 5′ of snow in my yard. I let the dog outside to do her thing; she digs through the snow despite the extra energy it takes; making these tunnels around the yard that barely show her head as she makes it around the perimeter of wooded lot. Even the crows are are covered in white.  I try to shake off the cold and re-focus to find some inner strength to try it again one more day. Get ready piles of papers, here I come- again.

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